Risk Management

Security Surveys

We have conducted physical security surveys for International and major U.S. corporations.

  • These surveys have addressed the physical security of corporate facilities; compliance with corporate security policy; and evaluated risks faced by corporate executives while at work, in travel, and/or at their residences. When significant risks have been identified, cost effective, risk mitigation strategies have been proffered for the consideration of the entities and executives involved.

Risk Assessments

We have developed a comprehensive protocol for physical security and related compliance audits for an international financial organization. This protocol enabled both experienced and inexperienced personnel to determine whether physical security measures protecting a site/office complied with applicable provisions of corporate policy and best practices.

Program Reviews

We conducted an evaluation of the field security program of a major international organization which examined its past performance and assessed its future ability to protect its personnel and assets around the globe from known and potential threats to their safety or security.