Litigation Support

We are skilled in establishing the identity, whereabouts, and prospective testimony of witnesses who possess information relevant to litigation in which a client may be a party at interest.

We are well-versed in the acquisition and handling of evidentiary material and skilled in the organization and report of investigative results. The comprehensive nature of our reports and the manner in which they are organized is designed to facilitate a client’s review and future access to the data they contain.

We are experienced in the acquisition and analysis of telephone hard line, cell phone, and text messaging records, as well as other forms of documentary evidence. We make use of data management tools that permit report of investigative data in a digital format and, in turn, facilitate its analysis. For example, we have produced chronologies of event or issue oriented data which incorporated facts gleaned from witness interviews, the review of documentary material, and other sources of information and have organized report of that information in a manner which illustrates support or rebuttal of prospective witness testimony, addressed a key litigation issue(s), and/or other client identified variables.

We can assist in the identification of expert witnesses in matters of criminal litigation and can facilitate the forensic examination of evidentiary material by qualified experts.