Investigative Services

Capabilites and Experience

Our law enforcement experience was garnered in the investigation of major thefts, significant acts of public corruption, and complex frauds as well as crimes against persons involving the distribution of drugs, extortion, kidnapping, manslaughter and/or murder. These efforts have contributed to federal prosecution and conviction of public officials for acts of corruption, to the conviction of a bank and certain of its officers for fraud, to the break-up of major drug rings, to the identification and conviction of subjects responsible for major thefts; and to the conviction of individuals responsible for the fraudulent application for, use, or disbursement of federal funds.  Our private investigative experience has been obtained in the investigation of cases involving charges of capital murder, manslaughter, rape, assault, and driving under the influence and matters involving civil litigation arising from claims of fraud and/or personal injury.


We have conducted, supervised and managed audits examining the effectiveness and efficiency of the investigative and administrative program activities in both the public and private sectors.

Sensitive Inquiries

We have conducted and adjudicated sensitive internal inquiries involving allegations of serious on duty and off-duty misconduct on the part of personnel at all levels of a large organization which involved alleged violations of the organization’s code of conduct, regulations and federal statute.